Pope to Caritas Slovenia: ‘May the Church be united’ – Vatican News

By Vatican Radio staff writer

Pope Francis has sent a message of gratitude and appreciation for the charitable activities of the Slovenian Caritas Concerts “Klic dobrote” thirty years from their establishment.

The “Klic dobrote” Concerts, which translates into “Call for Generosity” Concerts, raise awareness and organize fundraising for good causes while promoting harmony and unity.

In his message the Pope expresses his wish that this year’s “Klic dobrote” take another step forward, also for the unity of the Church and for the people of Slovenia.

“Where there is no unity, dear brothers and sisters, there is no Spirit of the Lord. The Lord always seeks unity, which does not mean uniformity,” he writes.

Upholding the diverse qualities, charismas and personalities that are part of society, he calls for respect “always in unity, with the Spirit of unity.”

“We should not be sectarian, one against the other,” he says, “We should not be Party people.”

As they prepare to perform their 30th anniversary concert, Pope Francis concludes his message wishing organizers and participants in the “Klic dobrote” Concerts all the best: “May this concert express the harmony of your unity. May the Lord bless you. And don’t forget to pray for me!”

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