Iran Slams European Parliament’s Inaction on US Sanctions, Europe’s Violations

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            Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has fulminated against the European Parliament for failing to adopt resolutions in condemnation of Washington’s economic sanctions against Iran and Europe’s breach of commitments under the Iran nuclear deal.

        <!-- content -->Saeed Khatibzadeh said European lawmakers do not care about human rights violations.

“We believe the European Parliament should have shown earlier that it really cares about human rights. I don’t remember any of the resolutions ever adopted by the European Parliament has condemned the impudent and foul-mouthed US regime for violating the basic principles of human rights, adopting the ‘maximum pressure’ policy against Iranian people and waging an economic war [against Iran.],” he said.

“I don’t remember the European Parliament has ever adopted a resolution which has urged the European governments not to violate the JCPOA under the US pressure and not to get on board with the Trump and not to contribute to efforts that block the path of transfer of medicines and raw materials to Iran,” the spokesman noted.

He said many patients in Iran are suffering due to the United States’ sanctions.
“I don’t remember the European Parliament ever adopted a resolution to condemn the US move to prevent the transfer of drugs made by major pharmaceutical companies of Sweden and other countries and needed by ‘butterfly’ patients (those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa (EB)) and cancer patients in Iran,” he explained.

The spokesman urged European legislators to correct their approach and stop being hypocritical.
“Unfortunately, the European sides, especially the European Parliament, have a very dark record. I ask them to set aside hypocrisy and see for themselves which of their responsibilities they have fulfilled,” he noted.

“Adoption of selective resolutions, support for intelligence campaigns against Iran and, accordingly, the adoption of such resolutions are not only not acceptable, but strongly condemned,” he said.

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