Greek island Mykonos gets partial lockdown – Vatican News

By John Carr

As of today, all the smart bars and taverns on Mykonos will have to close at midnight, and at all other hours social distancing and mask-wearing will be required.  And the all-night partying in luxurious villas, where to get in would cost maybe a thousand euros, had been halted.

The move comes after weeks of official fury at television and social media images of masses of  people packing the bars and beaches, in defiance of the rules, taking no precautions whatsoever.  Mykonos’  small police force has proved inadequate to cope with the situation.

Cases of Covid-19 in Greece are rising again, with about 220 deaths so far and more than 6,000 infections since the pandemic began.  Crowded islands such as Mykonos have been blamed for the spike.  Local bar owners and hoteliers are howling their protests that business will take a fatal hit.  

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