Paul Kewene-Hite Publishes A “How To” Book Of Proven Frameworks For Any Venture Idea

 <strong>New Book </strong><i><strong>Survive &

Thrive Author Paul Kewene-Hite
Publishes a “How To” Book of Proven Frameworks for any
Venture Idea

Award-winning entrepreneurship
expert Paul Kewene-Hite’s new book
Survive & Thrive, brings you 12 proven frameworks
with 16 applications successfully taught in 32 countries to
over 14,000 individuals and groups across industry,
government, corporate and education sectors. Kewene-Hite
shares a compelling step-by-step guide, thoughtfully curated
to give you the tools to take you from first concept to
venture reality and ultimately, to realizing your
entrepreneurial dream.

Wellington, New Zealand

In an era of global and economic
uncertainty, author and entrepreneurship expert Paul
Kewene-Hite’s timely new book, Survive & Thrive,
Entrepreneurship Frameworks That Work
, easy to follow
how-to guides to create your entrepreneurial initiative,

offers powerful tools for achieving any entrepreneurial

Following a decade of award-winning
entrepreneurship boot camps, Paul seeks to offer his
readers, both novice and experienced entrepreneurs, critical
tools, which, successfully applied will equip the reader
with the ability to navigate the challenges as they become
informed and empowered. These frameworks offer the reader
the ability to: Create a Startup | Build
around Science & Technology | Plan
Software | Launch inside
Corporate, Family
, School, and
Government | Explore
Acquisitions | Puzzle through
Turnarounds | Lead during a
Crisis | Evaluate your
Career | Shift into a
Lifestyle career | Positively impact people
and the planet with a Social Venture | Lead
Volunteers | Strategize
Sales | Document your ideas for

Global Head of
Accelerators at Google, Sami Kizilbash says, “Like thousands
of aspiring founders around the world, I sought Paul’s
mentorship early in my entrepreneurial career and continue
to benefit from his frameworks over a decade later. The
proven methodologies in Paul’s book – paired with intimate
reflections on his life and work – bring clarity and heart
to an otherwise ambiguous craft. Survive & Thrive
is a timeless companion for entrepreneurs of every kind, at
any stage of the journey.”

As a five-time winner of
the Deans’ Commendation for Excellence in Teaching at
INSEAD, Paul has successfully used these frameworks in his
coaching and training with individuals and groups in high
schools, business schools, governments, and companies of all
sizes and industries around the world. Published in August
2020 by Mātanga Hāpai Limited,,
a consulting practice based in Wellington, New Zealand which
Paul co-founded with his wife, Natasha, his new book
Survive & Thrive, Entrepreneurship Frameworks that
, can be purchased on Amazon:
For Wellington locals, a book signing event will be held
next week on Tuesday 13th July at Vic Books in Pipitea from
5:30 to 7pm to celebrate the launch. More information for
the event can be found at

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