Playtime Namibia donates books to Walvis Bay pre-schools

Pre-schools at Walvis Bay started their new school term with a surprise visit from the Playtime Namibia group that donated booklets to various centres at the town.

Initially, the group planned to hand over the booklets to 32 schools but donated to 23 schools to raise awareness of the Bible. Six hundred pupils benefited from the book donation.

The other schools earmarked to receive donations only have a few children attending, as parents are keeping their little ones at home. They will receive their booklets next year, which includes a variety of content including Bible stories, colouring activities and puzzles, among others, that stimulate the mind “Early childhood materials may solely emphasise how Jesus is their friend. It creates a warm fuzzy feeling and builds affection for Jesus. They will build the foundation for spiritual wisdom. They will learn to admire and gain respect and the fear of God.” said one of the Playtime coaches, Steven Damaseb.

Playtime Namibia offers multi-disciplinary sports training programmes in soccer, cricket and athletics for primary and secondary school pupils. The programme aims at engaging parents and teachers in supporting their children’s mobility and cognitive learning by using simple sports practices and games in a safe environment. Training is offered by ex-football players and coaches including Sandro de Gouveia, a well-known ex-Brave Warriors player, Eliphas Shivute and Alex Kirov.


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