Next week’s EU Parliament plenary session to take place remotely

Due to the serious public health situation in Belgium and France, the President, in agreement with EP group leaders, has decided that the October II session will take place remotely.

Following the report from the European Parliament’s Medical Service and the information received from the Belgian and French authorities on the evolution of COVID-19, the risk to public health is considered to have increased significantly. On the basis of this evaluation, it was decided that the necessary security conditions have not been met to allow the European Parliament to convene in full in person for the plenary session next week.

To ensure Parliament remains operational, and in particular its legislative and budgetary activity, while avoiding additional risks, Members will be advised to participate remotely. Many plenary interventions will be made from the European Parliament’s Liaison Offices in the member states, while taking into account the national measures in place.

The French and Belgian authorities have been informed of this decision. The European Parliament reiterates its wish to return to its Strasbourg seat as soon as possible and to convene in person, as soon as the situation allows for it.

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