Concern for Covid-19 spread in Syria – Vatican News

By Nathan Morley

As well as dealing with the consequences of a brutal nine-year civil war, which has left much of the country in ruins, Syrians are now facing the scourge of Covid-19 which is now rampant in refugee camps.

According to doctors, the number of positive Covid-19 cases rose tenfold in the Idlib region last month.

Doctors in the country are dealing with a severe shortage of medicines and even hospital beds are in short supply.

According to aid agencies, a lack of testing will help the infection rate shoot up in the coming months.

In an effort to help alleviate the situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) sent 8.8 tons of protecting and medical materials to Syria this week to help in the battle against the pandemic.

The consignment included personal protection gear for health employees as well as medication and medical tools.

Last month, Syria Relief was forced to officially declare the COVID-19 situation in the country as being an “emergency.”

The NGO called on urgent support from the international community and donations from the general public to help fight the spiralling crisis. 

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