Bill Maher Pans Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion: ‘I Believe The Spanish Inquisition Had Fine People On Both Sides’

HBO host Bill Maher panned Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s religion during a Friday night segment on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maher made the jokes about Barrett, who is Catholic, during a segment titled “24 Things You Don’t Know.”

“She is making it almost a completely Catholic court,” Maher told his guests before diving into the segment. “And she’s not just Catholic, she’s a Mel Gibson’s dad Catholic … This is a court that looks like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ now.”


Maher’s jokes included:

When my family plays Scrabble, we take out the letters l, g, b, t, and q.

I won’t eat Chinese food because fortune cookies look like vaginas.

When I’m stressed out I’ll eat a whole box of Eucharist.

I’m a classically trained liar.

My volleyball team was 10 and 3 against the other cults in our division.

I believe the Spanish Inquisition had fine people on both sides.

Barrett was confirmed Monday night by a 52-48 mostly partisan-line vote and immediately sworn in during a White House ceremony by Justice Clarence Thomas, who is also Catholic. (RELATED: Girl Scouts Delete Tweets Congratulating Amy Coney Barrett)

Currently, six of the nine Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholic. Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan are Jewish, while Neil Gorsuch is Episcopalian.


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