New Caliph Erdogan irritates European Union

Turkey has intensified tensions with France in recent months over the fighting in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh

Pakistan is running from pillar to post crying all the way against Islamophobia. The PTI government, propped up by Pakistani Army, prolongs its life along borrowed times, garnering alibi from Islamophobia, to India’s alleged ‘interference’ in Afghanistan to French action on Islamists. To the fear-widened eyes of Pakistan, India looks much bigger than what its hair-brained PM can ever conceptualise.

Recently, an Islamic terrorist slit the throat of teacher, Samuel Paty, in France when he was teaching religious tolerance in school. The French society is totally shaken and agitated over the incident. Responding to people’s angst against the gruesome killing, French President Emmanuel Macron came out with a slew of measures against Islamic terror, highlighting the problems created by radical Muslims in France who practice Islamist separatism.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the new self-declared Caliph of the Islamic Caliphate, jumped into the fray. He questioned the mental state of Macron stating he has lost his way and needed his head examined. Continuing on the offensive, he called on Muslim nations to come to the assistance of Muslims in France. Erdogan accused the European leaders of conducting anti-Islam policies, and branded them as fascists who are the link in the Nazi chain. Erdogan also railed against France for condoning caricatures of the Prophet. Turkey has intensified tensions with France in recent months over the fighting in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

When Erdogan joined the melee, how could Imran, widely known as the Taliban Khan for supporting terror, and third-fiddle to China and Turkey, stay away? Imran accused Macron of fanning Islamophobia. Later on, Pakistani Parliament passed a resolution condemning French action.

This diversion came as the God-sent opportunity to Imran as he is getting meticulously roasted by political agitation at home. He could not have found a better time to arouse Islamic jihad to distract public opinion.

France announced recalling its ambassador from Turkey for consultations. The French Presidential Office noted that the Turkish called for a boycott of French products. The move adds a further layer of economic ramifications to the deepening diplomatic tussle.

The development raised tensions between the European Union and Turkey. The EU Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell, slammed Erdogan’s comments as unacceptable and urged Turkey to stop this dangerous spiral of confrontation. Several EU officials also harshly criticised Erdogan’s comments.

The bloc’s executive arm, the European Commission, asked the Turkish leader to change his approach unless he wants to derail the bloc’s attempts at renewed dialogue with Turkey.

European Council President Charles Michel blamed Turkey for resorting to provocations, unilateral actions in the Mediterranean and now insults. At early October Summit, the EU Member States agreed to review Turkey’s behaviour in December. If Erdogan continues with provocations, the EU could slap sanctions.
EU Spokesman Peter Stano indicated that there could be an urgent meeting of the EU Ministers at the earliest in view of Erdogan’s latest comments. The EU expects a clear change in action and declarations from the Turkish side. There would be many discussions to decide whether to wait or take action. Turkey still remains a very important partner for the 27-nation bloc and confrontation benefits none.

Several EU Member States leaders rallied around France in Macron’s spat with Erdogan. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte stood with France for the freedom of speech and against extremism and radicalism. Germany reiterated its solidarity with France in the fight against Islamic extremists. German Foreign Minister described Erdogan’s insults of Macron as a new low point.

Pakistan and Turkey are befooling Islamic world by falsely projecting themselves as champion of Muslim nations especially when they maintain absolute silence on persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Chinese concentration camps.

Islam is yet to learn how to co-exist peacefully with other religions, hence taking cudgels and causing troubles to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Shias and Ahmadiyya. Events unfolding in Xinjiang, Rakhine, and Sri Lanka prove that only Buddhists have cracked the code of tackling the Islamists. If Chinese way is the only way to handle Islamists, that will be unfortunate. A country like India with cultural pedigree of tolerance for thousands of years can’t cough up requisite levels of violence to tackle the menace.

Hidden from public view, China has unleashed untold sufferings on Uyghur Muslims. They are barred from performing Namaz or keeping Muhammad as name! Nobody opens the mouth, least of all the self-proclaimed Islamists like Erdogan and Imran who are wrongly fixated on denial of mobile network to Kashmiri Muslims! Strange protagonists. Funny narratives!

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