WATCH: Grand Forks man challenges police officer about new city mask mandate and wins, citing religion and health concerns

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Grand Forks’ mask mandate was put to the test at City Hall Monday night, Nov. 2.

Anti-mask supporter David Waterman proved the mandates put in by Mayor Brandon Bochenski and the city council have very little weight.

The mandates regarding city buildings and mask-use around the city do not have any penalties attached.

The citywide mandate was originally proposed with a penalty, but was ultimately shot down.

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After a one-hour protest outside of city hall that was attended by two dozen people, including children, was organized by Waterman, he attempted to enter city hall for the city council meeting.

However, a Grand Forks police officer told him he had to wear a mask.

Waterman refused, citing religious and unspecified health concerns.

The Grand Forks police officer called his supervisor and ultimately allowed Waterman, along with his wife and another protestor, to enter city hall without a mask.

His wife and the protestor were not challenged by police.

During the meeting, city health officer Debbie Swanson told the mayor and city councilors more mitigation with penalties attached are needed to slow what she called a crisis. Nearly 700 new cases have been reported since Friday alone.


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