Ex-Campaign Head Parscale Reportedly Penning Book

President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and trusted ally Brad Parscale is reportedly expecting to sign a big-money book deal — and it has Trump’s team worried.

Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported Parscale has told a number of people he’s writing a book, raising concerns with some Trump advisers that it could reveal damaging information about Trump and his family.

Parscale has said he has a literary agent and is in talks with a publisher; a potential deal could be seven figures, Bloomberg reported.

Parscale was demoted in July after a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, drew far less attendance than the then-campaign manager promised.

But he stepped aside altogether in September, telling Politico in a statement at the time that he intended to ”focus on my family and get help dealing with the overwhelming stress.” 

The statement followed reports that Parscale was in the hospital days earlier after his wife, Candice Blount, reported he was at their Fort Lauderdale, Florida, home with guns and threatening to harm himself.

According to Bloomberg, Parscale’s allies think Trump would’ve convincingly won reelection with Parscale at the campaign helm — and those allies expect his book will include how he would’ve run the operation in the closing months.

In a tweet Friday, Parscale took a veiled shot at the campaign’s management, suggesting Trump outperformed among Latino voters thanks to the work of an aide who had left.

He also tweeted the country “needs to rethink elections.” 

”We have the ability and the technology that the people of this country are fairly represented,” Parscale wrote. ”It is time for all of us just say, my vote should count. Make it transparent. Make it fair. Just stop and make it right.”

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