Romania and the Republic of Moldova stand together to tackle COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, Romania and the Republic of Moldova have been working together to find ways to protect the health of their citizens.

Solidarity in action

The cooperation which already existed between the health authorities and health systems of the two countries intensified as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In early spring, with WHO assistance, Romania sent medical supplies and equipment to support the medical system of its neighbour.

“Romania’s relationship with the Republic of Moldova is unique. Adding a robust health response to our partnership only strengthens the existing tie between our countries,” said Dr Andrei Baciu, Deputy Minister of Health of Romania.

In addition to the donation of equipment, a team of 42 doctors and nurses was deployed from Romania to support their colleagues in the Republic of Moldova. The team carried out a 2-week mission, providing medical assistance and care for COVID-19 patients, and training for medical staff in the health facilities of Bălți, Chișinău and Cahul.

“This is only one of many examples of our cooperation, which dates back to long before COVID-19,” explains Dr Miljana Grbic, WHO Representative in Romania. “Working together will ensure the best possible protection and care for citizens in both countries.”

Overcoming obstacles

Common challenges have also been discussed and solutions found through virtual platforms. In August, an online session on disease management was arranged, with leading physicians sharing experiences of treatment of COVID-19 patients, as well as of preparedness plans, treatment protocols and how to optimize human resources to respond to the pandemic. The session was hosted by the Ministry of Health of Romania and supported by WHO.

“This webinar was arranged in order to optimize our health response, exchange best practices and also share concerns,” said Dr Igor Pokanevych, WHO Representative in the Republic of Moldova. “Leading experts from both countries took part, and we were able to discuss both challenges and successes.”

Continued response

Both the Republic of Moldova and Romania are currently facing an increase in cases of COVID-19.

“Each country has had to gradually adapt its measures and actions to control the COVID-19 pandemic, depending on the epidemiological situation. And each country’s experience in detecting, treating and monitoring cases is very important at this stage,” said Alexandru Holostenco, State Secretary, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova. “As we move into autumn and flu season, sharing available resources, information and experiences is essential,” added Mr Holostenco. “I thank my colleagues from Romania for all the support provided during this period and going forward.”

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