Peru’s 3rd president in 1 week seeks stability for the nation – Vatican News

By James Blears

Respectable Francisco Sagasti of the moderate centrist Purple Party has been chosen to uphold the integrity of Peru`s Red and White national colors, by its Congress.  As the leader of Congress, the role falls to him to try and re-gain stability. It`ll be no easy task, as Peru has been hit hard by the covid 19 pandemic, and its economy is in nosedive. GDP or gross domestic product is expected to fall by 14 percent this year.  His chief ally as caretaker President,  is the respect and esteem in which he`s held. The 76 year old industrial engineer has all the political tools, credibility and statesmanship, to repair the stalled situation in which Peru finds itself.  In a speech he said: “We`ll do everything possible to return hope to the people, and show them that they can trust us.”

Confidence was severely shaken with the impeachment of democratically elected President Martin Vizcarra, who took office in 2018.  He denies accepting bribes when he was a State Governor. He was replaced by Manuel Merino, who lasted just five days, resigning in the midst of nationwide protests in which two young men were killed by security forces and dozens of other demonstrators were wounded and injured.

Sagasti`s task is to grimly hang on until the next Presidential Election, which is in July of next year. For his part, Vizcarra who`s non renewable term ends then, has agreed to stick to the decision of Congress.

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