Work progresses on Houses of Worship in the DRC and Kenya

Work on the foundations of the temple in Kinshasa is advancing steadily while work in Kenya approaches final stages.

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic Of The Congo — Construction work on Bahá’í Houses of Worship in two African communities is steadily progressing.

Less than two months since the groundbreaking for the national Bahá’í House of Worship in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, excavation is complete for the main ring of the edifice’s foundations.

In Matunda Soy, Kenya, construction of the local House Worship has continued in spite of heavy rains and other difficulties. The central edifice is now at an advanced stage of completion. Work on the roof and decoration of doorways and external walls is underway. A reception center and other ancillary buildings on the site are also nearing completion.

In both places, the projects are inspiring activities of service and devotion on and off the temple sites.

Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

The following selection of images show the early stages of construction in Kinshasa.

After a groundbreaking ceremony in October, excavation began for the foundations.

A process known as concrete blinding creates a smooth surface to work on. Masonry blocks are then used to create formwork for the reinforced concrete foundations.

With the masonry mostly laid, the footprint of the future temple takes shape.

Volunteers from the local community around the temple site are helping in various tasks, including tending to a nursery for plants that will be used in the gardens.

The site of the House of Worship has already become a place of prayer, where people gather every morning to sing and recite prayers and passages from the Bahá’í writings and draw inspiration for daily service to their community.

Matunda Soy, Kenya

The following selection of images shows the current stage of progress in Matunda Soy.

With the completion of concrete walls and roof beams of the central edifice, work has continued on steelwork for the roof, cladding for the external walls, and decorations for the pillars and doorways. A reception center (visible to the right of the central edifice) and other ancillary buildings are approaching completion.

All steel work is now in place to support the tiles and skylights that will make up the roof.

The steelwork is covered with waterproofing and plaster.

One of the nine entrances to the central edifice. The trellis around each doorway will incorporate glass between two layers of wood. Decorative plaster for the external columns and the doorways has been completed.

Planters are being prepared on the plinth around the central edifice.

Left: The reception center with the central edifice visible in the background. Right: Work continues on one of the ancillary buildings that will provide services to visitors.

As construction across the site advances, work is beginning on the gardens and paths that will surround the temple.

Members of the community discussing the future of the temple. The local House of Worship will be a center of community life in Matunda Soy, inspiring acts of worship and service throughout the area.

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