European Council conclusions ‘ the worst possible result for Greece’, SYRIZA says

The outcome of the European Council and its failure to adopt sanctions against Turkey was strongly criticised by main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in an announcement on Friday, while it also accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakos of being “incapable” of protecting Greece’s interests.

                <p>"Yesterday's European Council conclusions are the worst possible result for Greece and prove that Mr. Mitsotakis is completely incapable of defending the sovereign rights and interests of the country, at the most critical moment," SYRIZA said.</p><aside id="viral-news" class="links-tracker-container" data-area="Viral"/><p>The party's statement noted that "in 2020 we saw the most serious escalation of Turkish aggression since the time of Imia, with Turkey blatantly violating Greek sovereign rights by conducting illegal drilling for almost four months and coming within a few nautical miles of Kastellorizo and Rhodes."

However, SYRIZA noted, “not only do we have the third [EU] summit on Turkey in four months that has failed to adopt sanctions,” – much less the harsh sanctions claimed by the government – “but a clear message has once again been sent of tolerance for Turkey’s aggression, which is free to intensify its violations until the eve of the European Council in March 2021, which is not even going to discuss ‘sanctions or measures’ but only ‘tools and options’.”

SYRIZA also underlined that the EU has once again “collectively shown itself unable to rise to the occasion and to support a member-state, or to negotiate effectively with a strong neighbouring country.” In the wake of these events, SYRIZA said , “the need for a return to a structured national strategy in Greek-Turkish affairs is greater than ever, given Mr. Mitsotakis’ catastrophic diplomatic failure but also the major international developments, realignments and processes that will take place in our region in 2021, which will obviously concern us.”

SYRIZA warned that “if Greece continues during the crucial year of 2021 with the same policy as in 2020, the consequences for the country and the Republic of Cyprus will be extremely serious and long-lasting.”

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