Ben Pol gets candid, speaks on religion change and relationship status

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.

Popular Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has for the first time opened up about his new found faith months after converting to Islam. Speaking during a recent interview with E FM, the Moyo Mashine singer began by expressing his disappointment at netizens for associating his public life with his faith.

“First of all, there’s this one thing I think people mistook and that was linking Ben Pol the celebrity with my faith. I really feel that that was a big mistake.”

In his explanation, the award-winning Bongo Flava star stated that he wanted his religious life to stay private without any interference or judgment from his celebrity life.

“Someone like me who is known compared to an ordinary person, they have the privilege of making as many mistakes as they can and get away with it you know. But as a celebrity, everything you do is under scrutiny. You make one mistake and the mistake is seen by millions of people, and honestly, that’s why I think linking my faith to my celebrity life was a big mistake. A celebrity is like an entity, for instance, the President’s office or government property or since we are here like E FM, you cannot associate it with religion,” he said.

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“When I go to my place of worship, whoever will see me there, that’s fine. Whatever happens behind the curtains should stay there. I don’t have to attach that to the celebrity side of my life. Personally, I’m tired of having to separate the two and with all due respect would wish to stop talking about it,” he added.


Touching on his marriage with Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai, Ben Pol assured his fans that everything was okay between him and his wife despite the breakup rumors that had been doing rounds on social media. The singer recently shot a music video with the love of his life, and many assumed they prerecorded the video months ago and are currently not together.

“That video is very current, and I think what was getting many people confused about our relationship and alleged break up was the fact that we never responded to the allegations and let them come up with their own versions of what was going on. You know some people when something happens between you they come out and start making up stories about you or for instance, the both of you are going through ups and downs, which is very normal.

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“It happens even at places of work; at home, it’s very normal. Someone can use that to say something very extreme about you to try and make your situation worse. Most of the time, we were at very different frequencies with the world. When they think we are fighting or not talking, we were very much okay. We had agreed never to let anything come between us no matter how big social media made it seem, and that is what worked for us,” he said.



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