Sandu promises to preside over Moldova’s European integration


 Moldova’s new President Maia Sandu has promised to be the “president of European integration,” lead the country out of international isolation and turn it back to “face the partners.”

“I will ensure that Moldova has a clear, firm and predictable position for all our partners. I will to seek to ensure that our interests are understandable and respected. I will advance the foreign policy, build bridges, not walls, attract new investment and create jobs, open doors for our citizens and goods,” Sandu said during her inauguration on Thursday.

She intends to “put Moldova back at the negotiation table with developed countries.”

“Over the coming days, weeks, we will begin a battle for the transformation and development of Moldova. I have no doubt about a positive outcome, if we are united, above all. We will remove those trying to spread lies, provoke conflicts and thwart progress. The biggest achievement so far is unity. It is on this basis that we must move on,” Sandu said.

The new president has officially assumed office. She was sworn in on Thursday.

In the election held on November 15, Party of Action and Solidarity leader Sandu won 57.72% of the vote and then President Igor Dodon won 42.28%. Dodon refused to attend the inauguration but met Sandu at the Presidential Palace and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

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