Syria reliant on essential food aid – Vatican News

By Nathan Morley

It’s been another bleak year in Syria.

The UN say millions have been left displaced, impoverished, traumatized and suffering personal loss. To make matters worse, a dwindling economy, the coronavirus, rising food insecurity and malnutrition, are causing the overall number of people in need to soar.

Subsidized bread and gasoline is in short supply – despite both having doubled in price since September. 

Three million people receive aid

On a positive note, food distribution is underway to reach more than three million of the neediest people.  

The UN has stressed the need for a nationwide ceasefire, substantive constitutional drafting and a wider effort to address the full range of issues, with actions to build confidence and movement. 

The picture is also bleak in Iraq, where the World Bank expects poverty to rise sharply as its oil-dependent economy shrinks – the country is in talks with the IMF for support.

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