Call Between Charles Michel And Boris Johnson

Read Out Of The Phone Call Between European Council President Charles Michel And UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

European Council Press release 28 December 2020

Both leaders welcomed the fair and balanced greement reached on the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union with a view to the upcoming signature, which is scheduled for 30 December. The agreement is essential as it creates stability and predictability for citizens and companies.

In the fight against climate change, both leaders agreed to intensify the future cooperation between the UK and the EU. They agreed to take work forward with a view to the COP 26 in Glasgow. The recent EU decision to adapt its 2030 target was welcomed.

Both leaders agreed to intensify work on the global response to pandemics.  In this regard, the idea of a possible treaty on pandemics, which could help to strengthen  global preparedness and response was discussed, notably in the framework of the UK presidency of the G7. 

On foreign affairs, President Michel and Prime Minister Johnson stated their common interest to continue exchanging views and seek cooperation on specific issues based on shared values and interests.

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